Follow/Fav Avengers OC Insert By: GeekyGirl183 After witnessing the destruction of her home planet, amnesiac Lumna crash lands on the strange planet of Earth in the most destructive way possible when she discovers a dangerous secret inside of her that only an unlikely ally and enemy can help her decipher.

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2022-1-19 · Peter, You're Hurt by GryffindorGyrl1997. Peter is hurt during a battle with the Avengers. Peter's dads worry, and Peter is forced to tell them about his injuries from when he ran away. Superfamily, established Stony. Part three in my. Loud house fanfiction time travel.

The Housemates series by Coney cat is a series of Crossover Fanfics integrating the character Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the setting of The BBC show Being Human (UK). From the second story on, the Avengers and other Marvel characters such as several X-Men, Doctor Strange and the Fantastic Four also show up. Summary: Peter Parker x Reader (About 22/23 years old. Reader and Tony goof off together so Tony can have a break. Maggia enforcers Killer Shrike and Unicorn kidnap Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, and Gene Khan in an attempt to ransom Gene's father The Mandarin. Tony Stark is all busy and bright and future, and. U Got The Wrong Number Kiddo. just a <b>wrong</b>. .

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Apr 28, 2021 · RELATED: MCU: 10 Fan-Favorite Characters, Ranked By AO3 Fan-Fiction Work Counts. In Five Times Bucky Got Permission, Bucky is a bit confused since it looks like multiple people are hinting at the fact he and Steve are meant for each other. Besides Bucky, the fic also works with other popular heroes, such as Peggy Carter and Tony Stark.. Rwby female oc wattpad.

"Ask for her number you moron." an old man sitting next to him said as he just looks at the horizon. After he finished his coffee he continue his tour around the city until he arrived to a gym where he was alone and currently having a few rounds with the punching bag.

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